ARES Rising

Session 02 - Salvaging Onderon

Whatever happened... we missed it

Strange sights greets the party above Onderon: a crippled Star Destroyer hangs in low orbit, the ruins of a Nebulon-B escort frigate seems caught in the gravity well between Onderon and Dxun, and there’s a smoking crater near Onderon’s capital visible from space.

They are rapidly contacted by the Onderon Space Authority, and told to get on the ground as soon as possible. Baidol uses his way with words to coax out the story of what happened: apparently, the crew just missed a Rebel assault. They came in, blew up a major munitions plant on the planet, destroyed the frigate, and managed to heavily damage the Star Destroyer before Imperial reinforcements arrived.

Needing money for fuel and repairs, the party looks for a job on the ground. They quickly find one: a local guide (Mak Cavi) is searching for an escort with a ship to help him capture valuable salvage from the outskirts of the battle while the Imperials’ attentions are focused on the Star Destroyer.

They agree, and bring Mak aboard. First stop: the Nebulon-B. Mak wants to grab one of the turbolasers for his boss. Through some skillful use of Ret’s lightsaber, they manage to not only salvage all twelve… but a triple light blaster turret.

While scanning the hulk for life signs, they find three passenger compartments. One of them has a hidden Rebel distress code piggybacked onto the normal communications channel. The crew decides to rescue the spy, and bring him aboard. Krall Lund is thrilled for the save, sure that he was going to go down with the ship in sacrifice to the Rebellion.

Using a combination of tractor beams and fancy flying, NV-319 sends the Nebulon-B on a collision course with the Star Destroyer. Hoping no one notices before it’s too late, the party goes on to their next objective.

The first site on Dxun is a crashed Imperial shuttle. All aboard have been killed – stabbed with some sort of bladed weapon. Vem shoots them just to be on the safe side, while NV-319 retrieves the Go Box from the frigate’s Captain. There’s a cloaked Mandalorian in the ship, watching them, but he lets them go peacefully.

The last site is a crashed Rebel starfighter – a Y-wing – in remarkably good condition. Except for a shattered canopy and an impaled pilot. Vem volunteers to pilot the craft, and NV-319 locates the Y-wing’s astromech droid. They take off, hoping to avoid Imperial patrols…

…and run right into one. A brief firefight ensues, with the TIE fighters damaging both the Firespray and Y-wing before the party is able to jump to hyperspace.

Once safe, the crew makes their way to a Rebel fleet meeting point, to return the astromech droid, Rebel agent, and Y-wing. The Rebels are very grateful for their supplies… and even more excited when the party offers the turbolasers and Imperial Go Box! They pay a handsome sum (2,500c), and promise the PCs more work as needed.

Mak Cavi, on the other hand, is furious. His prizes have been snatched from him, and his employer is not the forgiving sort. The Rebels take him into custody, and his whereabouts are unknown.



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