ARES Rising

Session 01 - Intro

In which we meet the crew

Ansion is a mid-Rim world of comparatively little interest. It’s a farming planet, exporting agricultural foodstuffs to the rest of the galaxy. It’s under Imperial rule. And it’s fairly close to the Bilbringi asteroid system, a hub of Imperial activity.

It will also soon be the confluence to a bizarre, yet intertwined series of events.

NV-319 is activated by his controlling corporation and instructed to assassinate the planet’s new Governor, Drego Lerga. His cover will be to ferry a group of dignitaries to Ansion.
Baidol Veris is one of those dignitaries.

Vem K’hal and Ret Aba, on the run from Imperial forces, find themselves on the planet… with an old “friend”. That very same Drego Lerga once ran an extermination squad on Glee Anselm, home to Ret Aba’s people.

Seems like Drego Lerga has some trouble making friends.

After navigating some difficulties at the spaceport, NV-319 and Baidol make their way to the governor’s mansion. Vem and Ret run into some… Imperial entanglements, and shoot their way out. The group winds up at the mansion roughly at the same time, and with roughly the same purpose.

The assassin droid and the mercenary move to kill Lerga, while Baidol and Ret try to distract the guests inside. NV-319 and Vem fire almost at the same time… and the governor is killed. The group flees, pausing only to kill a Stormtrooper on their way out.

Once in space, NV-319’s Firespray must evade incoming TIE fighters… and an approaching Star Destroyer! They make the jump to lightspeed, and find themselves near Onderon…



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